This water streams
can be seen near Akaka Falls.

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actual proportion.)

Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaiian Landscapes

Hawaiian Sunsets

Hawaiian Birds

Hawaii, The Big Island

The Big Island, a unique name that says it all…”everything is here that 
you must sea” a  helicopter tour for a  bird’s-eye view above Kilauea 
Volcano’s  steaming Puu  Oo vent,  the island waterfalls,  lush valleys, 
famous beaches; black sand beach, white sand beach and green sand 
beach, tropical gardens and much more.

Your adventure starts and never ends with so many things to do. The 
Big Island is surrounded with lava deserts to tropical plantations - the 
well-known  100%  Kona Coffee,  macadamia nuts,  chocolate and
other farms. With a lot of outdoor activities such as snorkel or scuba 
diving with manta rays, fishing, horseback ride in the plains of paniolo 
(Hawaiian cowboy)  country in  Waimea,  hike along volcano desert
and tropical trails at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and plantation 

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